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Needle bearing products are widely used in automobiles

. Spray method: some large rust-proof objects are sprayed in clean air with filtered compressed air with a pressure of about 0. Brushing method: When brushing, pay attention to evenly spread on the bearing surface, not to accumulate, but also to prevent leakage; 2. And labor protection measures.

So how can we non-standard bearing keep the bearing from rusting? Today I will share with you several methods: 1. Therefore, preventing the bearing from rusting is what we must do.

Needle bearing products are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, power tools, construction machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, industrial sewing machines, machine tools and other fields, and we sometimes find that the bearings will rust and the bearings will rust It will affect the use and reduce the service life of the bearing.

This method must adopt perfect fire prevention. The spray method is suitable for solvent-diluted rust-proof oil or thin layer of rust-proof oil. The thickness of the oil film can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of the anti-rust grease to make the surface adhere to a layer of anti-rust grease. Soaking method: Some small bearings are immersed in anti-rust grease

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Pay attention to the problems of needle roller bearing products

Another thing is to pay attention to the problems of needle roller bearing products in terms of sales channels. And if you go to some irregular or small markets to buy, the chance of buying fake needle roller bearings will be greatly increased. The hazards of inferior needle roller bearings are obvious, which will not only cause equipment damage, but also affect the progress of the project.

If you buy products from regular manufacturers, you will rarely buy fake and inferior products. Most of the low-quality needle roller bearings are produced in an irregular production environment, so the manufacturing process of the product itself must be very bad, which shows that we can judge from the manufacturing process of the needle roller bearing products. For example, as long as you carefully observe whether the manufacturer's label on the outer packaging of the needle roller bearing is complete and up to standard, if it is not complete, it means that the product quality does not meet the standard.

Secondly, the quality of needle roller bearings can also be seen from the outer packaging used.. In order to avoid unnecessary economic losses in production, it is necessary to master the skills to correctly identify fake and inferior needle roller bearings. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical level of the needle roller bearing manufacturer. If the manufacturer's technology is immature, then the precision of the bearing must Clutch Release Bearings definitely not meet the standard.

However, although the overall development is improving, it cannot prevent the appearance of fake and inferior bearing products in the market. As long as you master these points, you will not be afraid of buying fake needle roller bearings.The production technology of the products and the entire industry are developing, so the quality of the products obtained is bound to be improved, at least for needle roller bearings

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Committed to the research of bearing performance

For a long time, many scholars at home and abroad have been paying attention to and committed to the research of bearing performance, and have achieved many results.33, diversity 182, and influencing factor complexity 23-2.. This method is very effective in solving the problem of life prediction of some general-purpose bearings used in large quantities. It is believed that the performance parameters of the bearing show significant nonlinear changes, and it is found that steel balls The dynamic characteristic parameters of bearings and ceramic bearings have different stability; Wang Liqin[5], Zhao Chunjiang[6) and He Zhixian7 respectively studied the mechanical model of the interaction of bearing parts and the dynamic behavior of the bearing system; Xia Xintao et al.

In use, it is found that these bearings often experience internal seizure, sintering, wear, plastic deformation, cracks or fractures before fatigue failure. Prior information on probability distribution and trend. problem. There are two main reasons for this. (0- 4. How to evaluate the performance of rolling bearings has become an urgent need for the bearing industry and related industries. Improving the experimental evaluation, mechanical measurement and testing theory level of rolling bearings has a positive role in promoting and broad application prospects. In the experimental evaluation of bearing performance and life characteristics introduced by modern statistical theory and chaos theory, new theories and new methods of experimental analysis of bearing performance are studied, and new characteristics of nonlinear dynamic variation of various properties of rolling bearings in the space-time domain are discovered, making breakthroughs The classic statistical theory system that has been used for a long time in the field of data analysis has continuously deepened the research on the applied scientific issues of bearing design theory and formed a new pattern of bearing experimental evaluation. Taking rolling bearings as the research object and abstracting the time series process is to face new problems

from a higher standpoint, and the key to effectively solving this problem is a theoretical breakthrough. It is believed that small changes in speed will lead to significant changes in the dynamic behavior of the system; Cai Yunlong3 proposed a phase trajectory diagram method for detecting early bearing obstacles using Duffing chaotic oscillators. How to use limited information to effectively analyze bearing performance, accurately assess and predict the nonlinear dynamic characteristics, trends, probability distributions and digital characteristics of future bearing performance is the current The important problem that needs to be solved is also the bottleneck of the domestic bearing industry. It has great academic value and scientific significance for the dynamic design and performance analysis of modern bearing systems.

Form; Abbasion2) using wavelet and support vector machine theory to recommend a multi-fault diagnosis method for the bearing system; Yang Jiangxin (24) considers the load distribution under bearing operating conditions, the composition of the fault shock pulse sequence, the location change of the damaged part and the environmental noise, etc. These bearings have few experimental data and lack of relevant information. The China wheel bearing kits influence of parameters on vibration characteristics, a vibration model of the local damage state of the inner ring is established; Antonil25 performs harmonic analysis on bearing vibration signals, using statistical concepts such as spectral probability density and standard deviation probability density; Uedal20' proposes the concept of enhanced life And carry out factor analysis to improve bearing life under polluted lubrication conditions; Guo Lei127] and Gu01281 respectively carried out multi-scale analysis, wavelet support vector machine classification and chaos identification on bearing defects; Jia Minping 1291 analyzed the cyclic stability of bearing fault signals Yu Jianglin (30) used acoustics and modern signal analysis theories to study the non-contact multi-sensor acoustic diagnosis method to evaluate the early failure of the bearing; Wang Jiugen used group theory to divide the parameters affecting bearing noise into geometry, material, and mechanics , Kinematics, dynamics, tribology and acoustic properties; Suiceti 21 introduces a miniature ball bearing for relative movement of silicon surface to reduce micro-mechanical And the wear of nano-machines, and discussed the influencing factors of bearing life.

The raceway damage shows fatigue cracks, pitting and plough marks. Based on the non-linearity, variability, chaos, diversity and complexity of the above-mentioned rolling bearing performance, the performance analysis of rolling bearing mostly adopts classic statistical methods. For example, Natrnil Sinow Ahmad and Hasal used the concepts of time-stopped frequency response and phase trajectory to conduct nonlinear analysis to explore the stability of the bearing system and found the variability of bearing performance: Louioi used spectrum analysis of phase space, high-order Poincare mapping and The Lyap a K index method studies the influence of rapid fluctuations on the dynamic performance of bearings. According to the fundamental requirements of classical statistical methods, a large number of experiments are needed for bearings, a large amount of experimental data is collected to analyze the life and reliability of rolling bearings, and Weibull distribution function is used as a mathematical model to solve the problem of rolling bearing life prediction.

The first is that the performance, life and reliability of these bearings are different from the traditional ones, resulting in a different concept of failure from the traditional, which is that performance loss is not just fatigue as the failure criterion; the second is The number of these bearings used is far less than the number of general bearings, and the production cost is expensive, generally there is no large number of bearings to do experiments Especially in the development process of new product bearings, such as helicopter bearings, large aircraft bearings, fighter bearings, nuclear reactor bearings, new main battle tank bearings, high-speed railway bearings, new wind turbine bearings and extreme working conditions bearings, there is almost no relevant performance.8) Dynamic analysis of bearing friction torque and vibration; Xu Zhidong [8) discussed the fluctuation characteristics of bearing friction torque under different axial load and temperature conditions; Douglas 19] proposed the layering of rolling and sliding wear of a polyethylene bearing To describe the biological activity of wear debris; Lin Guanyu [20) clarified the lubrication mechanism of chlorophenyl silicone oil lubricated ball bearings, and studied the bearing friction torque behavior under different vacuum degrees and speeds; Saad2l' used acoustic emission technology to explore The method of identifying the geometric size of the surface defects of rolling bearings; Huang Dunxin [2)

Through dry friction and high-speed running experiments, it was discovered that the ceramic ball is mainly damaged by surface cracks and surface peeling. However, with the rapid development of aerospace, aviation, new energy, new materials, silent equipment, high-speed and heavy-duty transportation and other fields, new requirements for bearing friction, wear, vibration, temperature rise and other indicators as well as life and reliability are put forward . Lyapunov exponent method; Jiang Wei 4) Analyze the change state of the angular contact ball bearing's contact force, contact angle, and spin-to-roll ratio with the pseudo-dynamic theory. These studies have found that bearing performance has non-linearity and variability5-7], chaos 1. These new features make the traditional bearing performance evaluation theory encounter a difficult problem to solve

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The comprehensive performance of the bearing is given for reference only

In the figure, the abscissa is the significance level; the ordinate is the unit . The median, average, and variance of rolling bearings 4 and 2 are in the same order of magnitude, and their performance is similar, but from the maximum and minimum values ​​of vibration, it can be seen that the dispersion of bearing 2 is one order of magnitude and the performance is similar, but from the maximum and It can be seen from the minimum that the performance is much greater than the dispersion of bearing 4, that is, the performance stability of bearing 4 is significantly better than that of bearing 2: the median, average, and variance values ​​of bearings 1 and 3 are significantly larger .

And the maximum and minimum value of bearing vibration are also larger, indicating that the performance of bearings 1 and 3 is worse than that of bearings 4 and 2. In particular, the maximum and minimum values ​​of bearing 3 are significantly larger by an order of magnitude, and the average value is very small, indicating that bearing 3 The vibration value of is obviously deviated from the median, and its vibration performance is the most unstable. D; is the absolute difference between the mean value of the improved data sequence and the median of the absolute value sorting sequence, which can reflect the robustness of Clutch Release Bearing the new data and the original data, as shown in Figure 4-6.

According to the above analysis results, the comprehensive performance of the bearing is given for reference only. For this reason, a robust idea that combines the median and Huber M method is proposed, and the bearing vibration experimental data is robustly processed in order to further analyze the vibration performance of rolling bearings. In order to reduce the impact of discrete values ​​on overall performance, it is necessary to perform robust processing on experimental data.

It can be seen from the above analysis that the median and average values ​​in the bearing vibration data are not equal, but are in the same order of magnitude, indicating that there are some variation data in the vibration data, and there are obvious discrete phenomena in the bearing vibration data. Vibration performance data of rolling bearings: According to the improved Huber M method, the experimental data is sorted first, the median is found, and the average and variance of the original data are calculated.

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The sliding contact surface of the joint bearing is spherical

The sliding contact surface of the joint bearing is spherical, which is mainly suitable for swing motion, tilt motion and rotation motion. Radial contact bearings are radial bearings with a nominal contact angle of 0, and radial contact bearings are radial bearings with a nominal contact angle greater than 0 to 45. They are usually made of wear-resistant materials.Plain bearings have no inner or outer rings, and no rolling elements.

The front code is used to indicate the sub-components of the bearing, which is indicated by letters. Rolling bearings are divided into radial bearings and thrust bearings according to the load direction or nominal contact angle they bear. Usually used for low-speed, light-duty, lubricated and difficult-to-maintain mechanical rotating parts. Bearing models generally consist of pre-code, basic code and post-code.

The basic model generally contains three parts, type code, size Mechanical ball bearings code and inner diameter code. The basic code is used to indicate the inner diameter, diameter series, width series and type of the bearing. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy.

The post code is to use letters and numbers to indicate the structure, tolerances and special requirements of materials.. Bearings are an important part of modern machinery and equipment. Under normal circumstances, the bearing model is only indicated by the basic model

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